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Devil's Playground
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Devil's Playground

By Simon Chambers
Published by Percy Publishing
ISBN 9780957156876
Category Biography
Winter 2014


Former British Paratrooper Simon Chambers has lived for the excitement of soldiering. After 22 years' service in Her Majesty's Armed Forces, driving lorries for a living just doesn't cut it. Looking for adventure, he sets out for the USA on a quest to join the ruthless world of the private security 'contractor', and after training with the Blackwater military defence company in North Carolina Simon is sent to Iraq. This is the riveting true story of the first British soldier to join the infamous Blackwater: the story of a man paid money to put his life on the line each and every day - no questions asked! 

Author's Biography

A British Paratrooper for 22 years then became a Private Contractor. 


“This book puts you right there in the heat in "The Devil's Playground."” 
Bill Northacker 
Lt. Col., Special Forces 
US Army, Retired 

“A truly gripping and all round informative insight into the very selective and dangerous world of the private contractor.” 
Monty B Author of 
(A Snipers Conflict) 

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Reader Comments

The man's been there, and done it !
Sounds like a great read. Going to get a copy. I love thrillers!!
Hope you win - you deserve to!
Gripping and enlightening.....
Great no Bull Read...
A real book about real soldiers
Super Read....
Good luck hope you win. x
Good Luck Mate!
Not normally my kind of book - but really enjoyed it.
Very interesting
Well written, great read
interesting till the end and well written
well done, very very good.
takes you right in that you feel like you're there.
I would love this blokes job!
Very interesting even my wife read it!
Best of luck mate.
Great read.
Very interesting.
Superb book, well worth reading.
Great Read
If you are interested in the Iraq War and more specifically, what it was like inside BlackWater Security, read the author's account. His story and that of others was never really touched on by the news. better than other books on the subject as the author has no agenda to push, just his tale of where he was and what he saw.
This is a great real life read
A great read. It gives an honest and entertaining account of what it's like to be a contractor in a war zone.
Great Book... Great Story...
Fast Paced, Real Life under the Gun! Maj USMC
Great Read
Great War Story.
A great read
Great Story
Great Real Life story
has to be a great read
Outstanding book
I really good account of what it was like to be not only the first Brit soldier to join Blackwater but also a great insight into the workings of that particular organisation. A "must read" for anyone interested in the world of the Private Military Contractor.
A great real action read. The author put you in the life of the Mercenary
Great Real Life Story
A truly gripping account of the life of a 'Mercinary in modern warfare'
An insider's view of a dangerous and deadly profession in a dangerous and deadly part of the world. Well done!
A real look into the world of the modern Mercenary. Great read.
Great Real Life Story
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