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Dirty Teaching
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Dirty Teaching

Subtitle A Beginner's Guide to Learning Outdoors
By Juliet Robertson
ISBN 9781781351079
Category Education
Winter 2014


For all primary practitioners who want to discover the benefits of teaching outdoors. Juliet Robertson offers tips and tricks to help teachers to kick-start or further develop their outdoor practice. 
No need for expensive tools: just your coat and passion for learning – oh, and you’d better bring the kids too! 

Author's Biography

Juliet Robertson is an Education Consultant who specialises in outdoor learning. Prior to becoming a consultant, Juliet was a Headteacher at three schools making her more than qualified to help others improve their practice. She also writes the popular education blog, “I’m a teacher, get me outside here”.


Reviewed by The Real David Cameron, Education Consultant 
Given all the Juliet Robertson has done through her outstanding blog and her development work, I should have expected her book to be outstanding and it is. 

Reviewed by Juno Hollyhock, Executive Director Learning through Landscapes 
Once again the sound common sense that we have grown to expect from Juliet Robertson. 

Reviewed by Sue Falch-Lovesey, Head of Environmental and Outdoor Learning, Norfolk County Council 
'Dirty Teaching' provides so much more than practical outdoor learning ideas that can work in and beyond school grounds; it draws on Juliet’s extensive UK and international experiences to encourage refection, evaluation and an informed and thoughtful approach to evolving one’s practice. 

Reviewed by Alison Motion, GfL Scotland Director 
A good practical common sense approach, and a way of breaking down activities to encourage all teachers to get outside and teach. 

Reviewed by Simon Beames, University of Edinburgh 
The pages are packed with creative ideas for active and engaging outdoor lessons that will help teachers bring the curriculum alive for their pupils. 

Reviewed by Julie Mountain, Director, Play Learning Life CIC 
The arrival of Juliet Robertson’s first book was keenly anticipated by her many fans across the UK and beyond; Dirty Teaching does not disappoint. 

Reviewed by Sarah Wright, Senior Lecturer - Foundation Subjects PPD Undergraduate Co-ordinator (Y3) ActivExpression Project Manager, Edge Hill University 
This will make you want to turn your classroom inside out. Never again will the containment of 4 walls be good enough for your learners. 

Reviewed by Rebekah Stackhouse, Education & Youth Programmes Manager, RSPB Scotland 
The book is fantastic, plenty of brilliant inspiration for getting outdoors, with practical activities and organisational tips to make the most of being outside, whatever the weather.
Price £16.99

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Reader Comments

All the best , love the book so happy to have it go Dirty Teaching !!
A fabulous and comprehensive book that every school should have and use.
There are many concrete ideas plus more ideas that can be easily pursued. There is no end to Dirty Teaching.
A wonderful book, full of inspiration for teaching, love of learning and ideas that ensure children of all ages connect with the natural world.
A wonderful book for teachers.
A great resources for primary teachers engaging in learning outside the classroom
fantastic author with huge amount of knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject
So many really practical ideas and linked learning, there is no need for indoor classrooms with this amazing book. Juliet is a well respected outdoor learning educational consultant and I will certainly be looking forward to any other books by her. Niki Buchan, International Educational consultant, Australia.
If you have children, work with them or have any influence on their education this book is a must read.
Fabulous book, full of really useful ideas to make you think outside of the box too. Have often found that one idea springs another way to adapt it for my setting - just wish I could do everything in the book!
inspirational! Juliet makes it simple, practical and essential.
A sensory and conceptual approach to ecological involvement. Dirty teaching - a way of breaking barriers for beginners, who want to come out in Rain or Shine. Siw Linde, founder of I Ur och Skur (in Rain or Shine) in Sweden
When children play in nature they also learn because nature is like an open textbook, full of inspiration. For the teacher this book provides the neccesary knowledge and tools to follow and inspire the child's learning process. Good work! Magnus Linde, Forest school teacher in Sweden
Let's get these ideas in place at policy level.
This book is a great resource for parents and teachers to work together in a practice way to make outdoor learning possible.
Juliet is a huge inspiration. Her book is a fantastic resource for me as a parent working with my local primary school on improving the outdoor space. I love her ingenuity and creativity. She is hugely generous with her knowledge and expertise in her blog. She puts in such a huge amount of effort, I am hugely grateful as it saves me a massive amount of legwork. This ultimately means that children will benefit much more readily. I find it very hard to find this kind of information anywhere else, especially in a comprehensive and easy to use format. The evidence for the benefits of getting children outside to learn are huge, as a parent I am delighted that Juliet is out there helping teachers to make the first step. Learning never seemed so fun!
DEFINITLEY the way forward to teaching!!!
This easy to read guide and inspirational text has made it so easy for educators wishing to dirty up their teaching and get out of the box of their classroom. I can't recommend it's straightforward good sense and wisdom as well as its practicality and Juliet's utterly positive attitude highly enough. A triumph!
Juliet's skill is in identifying perceived barriers and showing how to develop the confidence to side step. Her ideas for curriculum linked activities are fun, simple and eminently do-able, but for me her advice is the most important aspect of this book. Information on outdoor activities tends to fall into one of 2 camps, 'outdoor classroom' and 'play' - Juliet manages to bridge the 2, addressing both the curricular/H+S aspects and the benefits of holistic development.
Inspirational stuff - has already led to many developments in my school grounds.
An inspiration for teachers of pupils in all stages!
Good luck to Juliet, this is an inspirational read and every newly qualified teacher should receive one at graduation! Well done.
This book is packed full of fun and practical ideas that work!
As well as being a lovely, inspiring woman, she has written a fantastic book! A brilliant framework within which creativity can bloom for both teachers, educators, facilitators and learners of all backgrounds and age.
Oustandingly inspirational and practical resource for both new and experienced practitioners. A real winner & I love it!
Seriously good, I couldn't put it down. It's an absolute goldmine of wonderful glittering dirt!
Help make education positive for children.
Just brilliant!!
Great book, highly appreciated by all outdoor practitioners with whom I shared it.
Julia's vision is simple. Get outside. Her book, blog, and global presence is a constant resource and inspiration to educators and parents everywhere.
This book deserves to win for the sake of all the children in full-time education who deserve to be outside to help them succeed in their learning.
Fantastic resource
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