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Searching for Amber
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Searching for Amber

By David Smith
ISBN 9781783063581
Autumn 2014


When Jade, a passionate young photographer, is attacked by drug pushers and saved by shipwright Martin, she becomes increasingly obsessed with her reluctant hero’s tragic back-story. Her pursuit of Martin’s affection and her consequent search for his lost sister, Amber, leads Jade to discover the truth about her own mother.

Author's Biography

David Smith was born in Warwickshire in 1961. He studied Economics at Cambridge and has worked in industry for over 30 years, including periods in Switzerland, the USA and Turkey. He is currently a Chief Financial Officer and lives in West Sussex with his wife and three teenage children.


Price £8.99

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Reader Comments

I loved this book, so lyrical almost like reading poetry yet a gripping story line - brilliant combination.
Fresh, new talent... David Smith is one to look out for. Searching for Amber definitely gets my vote.
This is a truly astonishing first novel. It is a well written, thought provoking and inspirational read one for all ages and backgrounds. I honestly believe that in the coming years David Smith will become one of the best and well known writers of this era. To reiterate, a fantastic first novel and worth of veneration.
Brilliantly written book, well worth the read!
Definitely deserves appreciation.
intriguing plot with twists and turns
A book that is so beautifully detailed the reader feels the story. A blissful swim without getting your hair wet!
Enjoyed reading the book thoroughly.
A beautiful insight into the history and country. Intriguingly written
Intriguing plot, with wonderful evocation of setting, and the lyrical writing lifts the story to another level.
A brilliant read, a great story beautifully written, and the descriptions of the locations made me feel like I was right there.
Beautifully written. Intriguing story with a twist. A most enjoyable read.
This is a gripping mystery tale with intrigue woven around generations of an East Anglian family. The story is told in the most beautifully poetic prose.
A thought provoking and inspirational read.
Outstanding first novel
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