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Cold Call

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Cold Call

By Colin Llewelyn Chapman
Published by Percy Publishing
ISBN 9780992929800
Category Thriller
Autumn 2014


Wealthy entrepreneur Robin Bradford had it all - the house, the cars, the fine dining - and he lost it all. All except Lizzie, his perfect, loving girlfriend. Down on his luck and with no immediate prospects in business, Robin’s energies found another outlet, Just a little something spicy to bide his time until his financial world recovered, leading him down a very seedy path, onto a very rocky road.
Time however was all he had, and all he was going to get…

Author's Biography

Colin Llewelyn Chapman is has worked in construction for the last 15 years. He now writes full time.


Price £6.99

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Reader Comments

A real page turner that you will find hard to put down. The twists in the plot reel you into a darker side of life with a gritty edge. You will not be disappointed as this book has it all; crime, violence, drama & sex. I won't write more, as you really need to read it, if the only thing you do this year!
A good old fashioned yarn, with gratuitous violence, sex and a thriller of a read
This book has it all - passion, intrigue, and thrills. Great read! Looking forward to more from Mr. Chapman.
A really gripping read. Hooks the reader with the plot and has a twist I didn't see coming. Looking forward to the next book from this author.
Great Read, loved the pace. nice twist
well paced. well written novel
Brilliant read
brilliant read
Loved the whole concept of this book and the way it carried you along. It carried me along the end, leaving me wanting more from this author. It would be good to see more of this style of book in the market place...
This was really up my street and not one to miss. I have read a few Percy books and they seem to have hit the nail on the head for the fast paced thriller. Looking forward to some more from these guys...
Should never judge a book by its cover, but for this one... I think you should. Excellent all round good romp of a story
Loved it and loved the seediness..
A Page turned that had me finished before the end of my journey.
A newly found firm favourite
A Book that takes you on more than a ride... Well done for coming up with something a bit different.
A Sexy Book has never been so thrilling....
Absolutely love Percy publishing books Always a great read Roll on the next one Keep them coming Xx
a modern story full of ups and downs.a must read.
A fantastic read all round Well done to the Author and Publisher
First novel and one that grips you from the start, and one that you will not want to put down!
An awesome read
sounds fantastic will keep me gripped for a few weeks
Worth every penny
Best book I have read in ages
Well paced read, loved it
Good read waiting for the follow up
Excellent - can't wait for book number two!
Brilliantly written can't wait for nxt one
It is the nuts of a book
loved it and waiting for next instalment from this new author
This was a great read after a frustrating day doing paperwork at work.
Terrific read.
Brilliant read can't wait for next book
Great Debut, look forward to seeing more.
Loved this book, love Percy Publishing Books. All great Pulp Fiction books
Time well spent
Loved it
Read over a couple of nights. Loved it!!
Quick easy read, great fun
A great book for the commute
Great read, can't wait for next book
Loved it, hard to put down!
ace book
Fantastic fast paced thriller...a 'must read' for lovers of quality fiction...
great read
Dont normally read,but could not put this one down.
brilliant read ,, have now read it twice !!
great book could not put it down until it was finished eagerly waiting for the next book by this guy.
Great read could not put it down had to finish it excellent
A most enjoyable read with a good twist and an ending that leaves you wanting more.
Fab story a great read
A great page turner, really enjoyed it.
Great read, I couldn't put it down
A great read, dark and sexy with a touch of humour
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