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Mick Waters introduces: Learning Through A Lens
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Mick Waters introduces: Learning Through A Lens

Subtitle It's All About Photography!
By Jane Hewitt
ISBN 9781781351147
Summer 2014


This full colour book will show you how to use photography in the classroom across all subjects. 
Sometimes there are real barriers to learning – whether social or cultural or simply ability or motivation - but photography has something to offer everyone: it provides a vehicle for either teamwork or self-discovery, inspiration, wonder, exploring hidden depths in iconic images, and subsequent philosophical questions. It allows for creativity but also for structure, freedom and rigour. It gets beneath the surface and beyond the obvious. 

Author's Biography

Jane Hewitt taught mainly at secondary level for 30 years. Jane still loves learning, discovering new ideas and photography and is rarely found without a camera around her neck!


Prcie: £20

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Reader Comments

This is a great book, giving a fantastic insight into using photography in the classroom. Jane is an inspirational educator which comes across through the pages of this inspirational book. A must read!
This book is a box of treasure, sure to give you fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm for seeking, finding, and sharing!
Fantastic classroom resource.
An absolutely stunning and inspiring book
First Rate! Education meets the real world via clearly expressed Science!
I love this book. The photographs are ORRsome. We've used lots of the photographs in school to stimulate discussion in order to improve creativity in writing. All the pictures tell a myriad of stories. Children know that anything goes and there aren't any limits to the imagination.
Lovely book, lovely person
What an amazing book! Brilliant advice and wonderful photography! Thank you so much!
I wouldn't be found without a copy if I were you.
Fantastic book, fantastic person.
What a great innovative book when thinking about new ways to engage pupils in education
A fabulous first from an inspiring educator - a must for anyone who wants to enhance children's learning.
How do we see? Do you see what I see? What does this image make you think? What if we put these images together, how does that change your perception? Put these pictures in order to tell a story. Now change the order, how does that affect the story? What does 'happiness' look like? Capture images that show 'energy' Oh my the possibilities of learning through the lens are endless... I vote for this book .. A fabulous idea encouraging us to look, capture, tell & learn with children.
Amazing pictures. Full of interesting and engaging ideas. Brilliant book. Love it!
Fantastic Book. Really exciting and full of brilliant ideas.
An amazing and beautiful book!
Stunning book by a brilliant lady - love it!
A superb, accessible book, lots of great ideas that I can use in my own practice as well as in the classroom.... Kids get ready!!
Beautifully presented. Lots of interesting and doable ideas for helping children to learn through and with a camera.
Well written, clear and informative. Full of great ideas to bring photography into the heart of the curriculum... Wish I had read it years ago
A really well constructed book for the educationalist and the photography enthusiast. Lovely photos and a really easy read.
A book that brings together the practical and creative elements of photography perfectly. Great tips for the classroom and beyond! No jargon, just honest and engaging!
Amazing book and beautiful photographs.
Excellent Book with lots of ideas!
A superb resource - invaluable right across the curriculum. As a teacher who loves to learn, this has also inspired me to improve my own photography! Brilliant!
An amazingly written book covering a range of areas for any budding photographer. I love using it to inspire my classroom practise :)
A great resource for teachers and a great read for photographers. Highly recommended
Just been invaluable and inspiring!
An inspirational read. Outstanding ideas for photographers and teachers. A really special classroom companion.
It is a wonderful resource for a classroom but also a great read for anyone interested in photography. you don't have to be an expert!
A fabulous book which brings photography alive within a classroom. So many practical ideas. I love those little people. Fabulous photographs which inspire.
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