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Read Again Without Glasses
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Read Again Without Glasses

By Leo Angart
ISBN 9781845908911
Category Self-help
Spring 2014


This book concentrates on curing presbyopia, the inability to focus on near objects. It explains what presbyopia is and how you can tone your eye muscles, release tension and build up energy in order to regain your natural eyesight using three main principles: belief and emotions, physical training and relaxation.

Author's Biography

Leo Angart is a business consultant, author and trainer. Having worn glasses for more than 25 years he speaks from personal experience. It has now been more than 19 years since he threw away his glasses.


Janey Lee Grace author of 'Imperfectly Natural Woman'
The stuff the optician won’t tell you! Leo Angart is an inspirational author and teacher and after 30 years my prescription is being reduced rather than increased. Leo has inspired me to appreciate and exercise my eyes daily and the results are amazing. Just as I’ve always thought there really is a natural solution to everything!

Dr Ysaiah Ross
Read Again Without Glasses is an uncomplicated practical guide that enables you to discard your glasses. It describes exercises and other techniques for you to regain healthy eyes. The DVD that comes with the book shows you how to apply the concepts from the text.
Price £12.99

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Reader Comments

how can I buy this book
The best content I have ever seen about how to get rid of your glasses
The books of Leo Angart are just great and a big help for many people.
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